Ag — B5 by Rainer Bohrer, Bernd Kalbskopf, Uwe Nohl, Hans-Jürgen


By Rainer Bohrer, Bernd Kalbskopf, Uwe Nohl, Hans-Jürgen Richter-Ditten, Paul Kämpf (auth.), Uwe Nohl, Gottfried Olbrich (eds.)

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C 5H5)Mo(CO)2(Cl)[HO-As(CH3h] AsC gClH 14NßSi.. (CH 3hSiN=S=NAsCl-C6H5 AsCgClH14N4S3Si (CH 3)ßiN=S=NSN=S=NAsCl-C6H5 AsCgCl2H11Mo0 2 (C 5H5)Mo(COh(Cl)[ClAs(CH3h] AsCgCrH gN207S2 (CO)5Cr(t-C4HgAs(N=S=Oh) ASCgF6Hg0 4PRe .. ciS-(CO)4Re[P(CH3h]As(CF3h AsC gF6H12NS [SN][AsF 6] . 1,3,5-(CH 3hC6H3 AsCgF6H12N205ReSSi [(CO)5ReNSN(CH 3)Si(CH3h][AsF6] AsCgF6H,sN 20 4Re [(COhRe(H20)(N(CH3hC2H4-N(CH3h)][AsF6] AsC 9Ge 2H27Sn (CH3hSn-As[Ge(CH3hb AsCgHgMo02S2 . (C5H5)Mo(COh[-1 ,2-(1 ,3,2-S2AsC2H4H AsC gH11MoN 20 2 (C 5H5)Mo(COh(N 2)As(CH3h Gmelin Handbook Index 3rd Suppt.

5-317 AsC, sH, sOgSb 3 . n . 5 C6H6 Mn :MVol. 5-65/6 AsC,sH 2, OS3Ti 2 · . [(CH 3C5H4hTi 2J(O)(AsS3) AsC,sH 251 2MnN20 [Mn(NC5H4-2 -CH =N-C6H4-2-As(C2H5blI2! C 2H50H Mn :MVol. 1-319 AsC,sH 42NSn . . (n-C4HghSn-As(C2H5l-CH2CH2-NH-C2H5 ' .. 19-238 Gmelin Handbook Inde x 3rd Suppt. 6-395 AsC,gFe 3H"O" . C6b-128, 133, 135 ASC,gH 2, MnN 4S2 [Mn(6-CH3-NC5H3-2-CH=N-C6H4-2As(C 2H5b)(NCSb]n . C2H50H Mn :MVoL. 16-81/2 (CH3blnCl . 1-118, 120 AsC 20ClH2,lnO AsC 20Cl2H2, N2PtS [((C6H5bAs)PtCl2(CH3N=S=NCH 3)] .

B16a-67, 72 ASC27FsH24Mo02P [(C5H5)Mo(COh(CH2=CH2)(P(CsH5h)][AsFs] . 8- 188 ASC27FsH24Mo03P [(C5H5)Mo(COh(P(CsH5h)=CH-OCH3)[AsFs] . B15-327 AsC27FeH2SN2 + . C6a-213/4 ASC27H23Mo03 ' . 16-60 AsC29Fe2H2302 . A 10-173/4 AsC 2gFe3H, 50" . 16-60 ASC2gH44N03Sn . 19-239/40 AsC 30H25Sn (CSH 5)ßn-As(CsH5h Gmelin Handbook Inde x 3rd Suppt. 5-271 , 277 ASC31FeFeH2eOP [C5H5(CO)(P(CeH5b)Fe=CH(CeH5)][AsFe] .. . A10-178, 181 ASC32FeFeH27NOP [(C5H5)Fe(CN-CH 2CeH5)(CO)As(C eH5b][PFe]' . B15-303 AsC 32FeH 27NO + .

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