Advances in Organic Chemistry, 50 (Advances in Inorganic by AG Sykes, Alan H. Cowley


By AG Sykes, Alan H. Cowley

Advances in Inorganic Chemistry offers well timed and informative summaries of the present growth in numerous topic parts inside of inorganic chemistry, starting from bioinorganic to good kingdom. This acclaimed serial positive factors experiences written by means of specialists within the region and is an vital connection with complex researchers. each one quantity of Advances in Inorganic Chemistry includes an index, and every bankruptcy is totally referenced.

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527(9) ͳP (ppm)b Ref. 547(4) ͳP (ppm)b Ref. 53(2) ͳP (ppm)b Ref. ) Ϫ56 (q, JPLi 58 Hz, C6D6 /C7D8 , 193 K) 88, 90 88 92 a Abbreviations: tmeda, N, N, N Ј, N Ј-tetramethylethylenediamine; pmdeta, N, N, N Ј,N Љ, N Љpentamethyldiethylenetriamine; DME, 1,2-dimethoxyethane; THF, tetrahydrofuran; 12-c-4, 12t i crown-4; mes, 2,4,6-Me3C6H2 ; mes*, 2,4,6-Bu3-C6H2 ; Is, 2,4,6-Pr3-C6H2 ; Ad, 1-adamantyl; Tol, toluene. b 31 P͕1H͖ chemical shifts relative to 85% H3PO4 at ambient temperature, unless otherwise stated (multiplicity, relevant coupling constants, solvent, temperature in parentheses).

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