Advances in Immunology, Vol. 20 by F.J. Dixon, Henry G. Kunkel (Eds.)

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By F.J. Dixon, Henry G. Kunkel (Eds.)

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The authors interpreted their data as indicating that either the region of the combining site for this particular hapten is in fact the major idiotypic determinant or that combination of the hapten with the site results in a conformational change in other portions of the V regions which altered the idiotypic determinants. However, the hapten did not alter the reaction between anti-Fab antisera and the Fab fragments prepared from the same anti-p-azobenzoate antibodies. Also, in an extension of this work, Spring et al.

At least three different subgroups of light chains were found. , 1971). c. p- ( 1 + 6 ) -D-Galactan Group. Recently Rudikoff et al. ( 1973) reported structural studies on six IgA myeloma proteins of Balb/c origin with anti+ ( 1 + 6 ) +galactan activity. Only two of the six proteins demonstrated any idiotypic cross-reactions. However, the authors did not test for cross-specificity with a heterologous protein but always used homologous protein in the test system. Despite this lack of demonstrable cross-specificity among all of the six proteins, the structural analyses of each was strikingly similar.

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