A New Reading of the Animal Apocalypse of 1 Enoch: ''''All by Daniel Olson

Old Testament

By Daniel Olson

''A New interpreting of the Animal Apocalypse of one Enoch'' deals an entire theological research of this second-century BCE allegory and makes use of this because the foundation for a brand new statement at the textual content, awarded in a clean translation

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In substance, it goes back to Noah and even to Enoch and was simply revived and renewed with the son of Terah. Within the Enochic corpus, the An. Apoc. also draws attention to the Abrahamic covenant, and in a unique way. Scholars have noted the surprising fact that God is not even mentioned and does not appear in the allegory until the beginning of the exodus story. 61 Devorah Dimant offers what is perhaps a more adequate explanation. She points out that God is not mentioned in Chronicles until the beginning of the history of Judah, a subject of obvious importance to the Chronicler.

This phrase is surprisingly rare. , Gordon Wenham, Genesis 16–50 (WBC 2; Dallas: Word, 1994), 224; or Claus Westermann, Genesis 12–36: A Continental Commentary (Minneapolis: Fortress, 1985), 457–458. T. Milik, “Le Testament de Lévi en araméen: Fragment de la Grotte 4 de Qumrân,” RB 62 (1955), 398–406 (405); Nickelsburg, 1 Enoch 1, 249. Milik cites Ezek 1:1 and Dan 10:4. ) in Gen 32:22–30 and Daniel in Dan 8:2. ” 190–201. 78 Gk καταβάντες; Eth ወረዱ፿ (waradu), cognate to Hebrew ‫ירדו‬.

In my judgment, the proposed dividing lines are both ambiguous: Does the first era end with the intervention of the angels (88:1), the commissioning of Noah (89:1), or the end of the Flood (89:9)? Does the second era end with the Maccabean triumph (90:13–19), the Last Judgment (90:20–27), or the birth of the white bull (90:37)? It is telling that Nickelsburg also suggests a three-part structure for the An. 37 In my view no fullyconvincing governing structure for the allegory has ever been proposed,38 and the most that can be said about the macro-structure of history, as presented in the An.

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