A Modification of the Revolving Mirror Method for Measuring by Michelson A.A.


By Michelson A.A.

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1-84. Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg, Germany. Taiz, L. & E. Zeiger (1991) "Plant Physiology". , Redwood City. California. Walker, D. (1992) in "Energy, Plants and Man". , Sheffield, UK. L. Trigg, VCH Publishers/American Institute of Physics, New York. 29 SPECIFIC FEATURES OF EXCITATION MIGRATION IN PHOTOSYNTHESIS. AYu. Borisov AN. -Chem. Biology Moscow State University 119899 Moscow, Russia. INTRODUCTION. Energy migration is a very general phenomenon. It proceeds between oscillating systems in mechanics, acoustics and electricity, it takes place in our world, in planet systems and between molecules in the microworld; this last one is the topic of this article.

In addition to its role in connecting the electron transfer reactions of PS II with those of PS I, the Cyt bf complex plays a central role in storage of energy that is subsequently used to synthesize ATP. A portion of the redox free energy that is available from the energetically downhill reactions catalyzed by the Cyt bf complex is captured in transmembrane pH difference that is created because the reduction and protonation of plastoquinone occurs on the stromal side of the membrane whereas the oxidation and proton release occurs on the lumenal side of the thylakoid (see Fig.

They are encoded by the nuclear genes Lheb4, Lheb5 and Lheb6 respectively, and synthesized in the cytoplasm as higher molecular weight precursors and imported into the chloroplast. They are subsequently inserted into the thylakoids and form pigment-protein complexes which have a higher chi alb ratio than LHCII.

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