A modern Czech grammar by William E. Harkins, Marie Hynková


By William E. Harkins, Marie Hynková

How you can converse Czech.

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Sixty-four high school student participants were randomly assigned to (1) a feedback/justification group, (2) a feedback/no justification group, (3) a no feedback/justification group, or (4) a no feedback/no justification group. All participants completed a series of learning trials, followed by a similar experimental trial. Results indicated that verbal justification had a facilitative effect on task performance when no feedback was provided. When feedback was provided, no difference was found between justification and non-justification groups.

Outliers Two studies (U. Anderson & Wright, 1988; Hagafors & Brehmer, 1983) do not fit neatly into the patterns of results just discussed, 58 undergraduate accounting majors & 42 senior auditors 24 university students Anderson & Wright (1988)a Note + meta = metacognitive. a Indicates time was not reported. Berry & Broadbent (1984)a Participants Study Two computerized tasks: sugar production and personal interaction Risk assessment judgment Task(s) 1. silent control 2. conc. 6 Studies Comparing Metacognitive Protocols and Silent Controls: Outliers Betweensubjects Betweensubjects Design Accuracy (only when subj.

The effects may have been limited to the first problem because the act of verbalizing may have helped the participants ignore irrelevant features initially (Ericsson & Simon, 1993, p. 102). H. Davis et al. (1968), building on the work of Gagné and Smith (1962), examined the effect of experimenter’s presence on participants’ performance on a Tower of Hanoi problem. Participants were 48 college students in an introductory psychology course. Like Gagné and Smith (1962), there were solution set groups (in which participants were instructed to formulate a rule after completing the problem) and verbalization groups (in which participants stated justifications for each move they made during the task).

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