A Central Limit Theorem for Convex Chains in the Square by Barany I., Rote G., Steiger W.

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By Barany I., Rote G., Steiger W.

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All irreducible components of X are of the same dimension) of dimension d. Let I be the homogeneous ideal defining X and A = K[x0 , . . , xN ]/I the homogeneous coordinate ring of X. Let L denote the tautological line bundle on PN , as well as its restriction to X. Let (0) denote the vertex of the cone X, and A(0) denote the local ring OX,(0) at the vertex of X. 1 Let X be as above. Then X is Cohen-Macaulay if and only if X is Cohen-Macaulay at its vertex. Proof. Proof of the implication ⇒ is clear.

4). Hence we obtain the exact sequence 0 → H i (X, Lm−1 ) → H i (X, Lm ), 2 ≤ i < dim X. 0 (cf. [109]). Hence we obtain, H i (X, Lm ) = 0, 2 ≤ i < But H i (X, Lm ) = 0, m dim X, m ∈ Z (in particular for m < 0). It remains to prove (b) for i = 0, 1. Let then m < 0. 4 implies that H 0 (Y, Lm ) = 0. Hence we obtain the exact sequence 0 → H 1 (X, Lm−1 ) → H 1 (X, Lm ), m < 0. Thus we obtain inclusions H 1 (X, Lm−1 ) ⊂ H 1 (X, Lm ) ⊂ · · · ⊂ H 1 (X, L−1 ). But now the isomorphism H 0 (X, OX ) ∼ = H 0 (Y, OY ) together with the fact that 1 1 −1 H (X, OX ) = 0 implies that H (X, L ) = 0.

Fd ), where ft = ct , t = j, k, fj = cj − 1, fk = ck − 1. 1). 1 Standard monomials Let R0 be the homogeneous coordinate ring of Gd,n for the Plücker embedding, and for τ ∈ Id,n , let R(τ ) be the homogeneous coordinate ring of the Schubert variety X(τ ) (we shall denote XPd (τ ) by just X(τ )). In this section, we present a Standard monomial theory for X(τ ) (cf. [41, 42, 88]), and as a consequence obtain a basis for R(τ )m , m ∈ Z+ , prove the vanishing theorems, arithmetic normality and arithmetic Cohen-Macaulayness for X(τ ).

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