A call to action : killing giants and subduing kingdoms by Roberts Liardon

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By Roberts Liardon

The right way to benefit from the profitable lifestyles God intends that you can dwell via development your lifestyles at the definite beginning of the notice of God

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This book is based on the Word of God. What makes it so different from all the other success books you might read is that it contains THE TRUTH. It is not a compilation of a bunch of theories that have been tried and tested by behavioral scientists. This book has been tried and tested by God! His Word never fails. It always succeeds. I've not written this book to help make you feel better about yourself. It's not the key to overnight success in ten easy steps. I wrote this book to change your life, to stimulate you to develop into the successful Christian that God created you to be.

That's the time to gain more strength and take more ground in the spiritual realm. Control your total man. Tell your natural man what to do; especially during times of prayer. In prayer, God is moving. That should be the priority. Nothing should get in the way of prayer. I don't care how often the doorbell rings. If you're praying, don't answer the door. I don't care how often the phone rings; don't answer it. If you're in prayer, stay there. Don't let anyone or anything pull you away from it. When you mean business with the King, He'll do business with you.

His name was Peter Cartwright, and he obeyed God's Word without question. His story inspires me. Peter Cartwright was a circuit-riding preacher. That means he traveled from town to town preaching in little country churches. One of his strongly held Methodist beliefs was that dancing is a terrible sin. One day Peter preached in a certain town that was notorious for its big saloon (it was called an inn in those days). Peter didn't like saloons at all, for not only did he preach against dancing; he also preached a strong message against alcohol and its evils.

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