A Blemished Perfection: Book of Job in Context by Yair Hoffman

Old Testament

By Yair Hoffman

The major methodological thesis of this learn is that the publication of task, greater than the other booklet within the Bible, might be handled as an inventive paintings during which shape and content material can't be separated. for that reason, a superb acquaintance with the literary elements of the booklet, together with its relatives with different old close to jap texts, is a precondition to the knowledge of its theology. The deep constitution of the publication is that of a catalogue-which is a key to figuring out its method of the matter of theodicy. The tricky language of task is scrutinized, and is proved to be an unique and immanent attribute of the ebook. A synthesis of the literary, linguistic and theological features of activity ends up in its paradoxical-not absurd-definition as 'a blemished perfection'.

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Further on, he offers a discussion of the genre of laments and its biblical contexts (pp. 55-67) and that of ancient Near Eastern literature (pp. 67-83). 8. In his opinion, "The dialogue is a 'dramatization' of the psalm of lamentation, more accurately of the prayer of the accused placed in the frame of the narrative'. 9. He found a resemblance between ch. 38 and Papyrus Anastasi I, and thought that the 'school for training sages' was its Sitz im Leben. The fifth chapter of the present work is devoted to the relation between the book of Job and the catalogue genre.

One may reasonably assume that the Poetics was written around 330 BCE, a date that lies within the range of the late biblical period, the period during which the book of Job was composed (see above), (c) As I shall clarify below, there are cogent methodological reasons for examining the book of Job on the basis of criteria set forward by an aesthetician who did not know the book, and 12. An examination of the qualities of the book of Job in relation to the Poetics of Aristotle was performed in the eighteenth century by R.

A. Aristotelian Principles Fulfilled by the Book of Job Aristotle imposed the following requirements upon tragedy, all of which are well fulfilled in the book of Job. 1. ' (ch. 13, 1452b31-34); 'Tragedy, then, is an imitation of an action which is serious' (ch. 16 See further the examples cited by Aristotle in Chapter 14, referring to the confrontation between conflicting values as subjects suitable to tragedy, as in Antigones and Medea. There is no doubt that the book of Job fulfils this requirement, as its very essence is the struggle between suffering man and his god.

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