1 And 2 Thessalonians (Believers Church Bible Commentary) by Jacob W. Elias

Old Testament

By Jacob W. Elias

Jacob W. Elias invitations us to hear in whereas Paul and his missionary partners inspire and warn believers in old Thessalonica. Elias indicates Paul dealing pastorally with daily matters of church existence whereas reminding his converts in regards to the immense photo. What God has performed throughout the dying and resurrection of Jesus Christ will but be delivered to wonderful final touch. The church has an lively position to play in God's redemptive challenge on this planet. this day, apocalyptic biblical texts are frequently neglected or misused. yet Elias tells how the gospel proclaimed to the Thessalonians undergirds the nurture of church buildings marked through religion, love, and desire.

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Like orators addressing their audiences, so ancient authors used a variety of rhetorical strategies to move their readers. Three species of rhetorical speech have been discerned in Greek rhetoric, each with different settings or occasions (Mack: 34): A judicial speech at a trial seeks to persuade a Page 24 judge and jury concerning the legality of an event in the past. A deliberative speech in a public debate tries to persuade the audience to take a particular course of action in the future. And an epideictic (ep-i-DIK-tik *: demonstrative) speech commemorates an event or memorializes a person; a memorial speech of this type often focuses on questions of honor or of grounds for praise or blame in the present.

The notion of a rival king upsets the powers-that-be. According to Luke, the Jewish leadership in Thessalonica capitalizes on this apprehensiveness by getting the city authorities and the mob to vent their anger against these missionaries (Acts 17:8). That night Paul and Silas are escorted out of Thessalonica and taken to Beroea (17:10). Here they continue their evangelistic ministry in the synagogue. Many receive the word "eagerly and examined the scriptures every day to see whether these things were so" (17:11).

ELIAS ASSOCIATED MENNONITE BIBLICAL SEMINARY ELKHART, INDIANA Page 16 CROSS-REFERENCES [Grammatical Analysis, p. ] Sample cross-reference to essay at the back of this book that explains the sentence-flow diagrams in the Explanatory Notes. Other back-of-book essays will be cross-referenced in this style and enclosed by square bracketsall in italics. (Metzger, 1992:3-4) Sample reference to source listed in the Bibliography: author's name if not already given outside the parentheses, date of publication if needed to distinguish it, and page numbersall enclosed by parentheses.

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