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Trello for Software Developers

Marc Maxmeister

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This guide explains how to get the most out of Trello as a Software Developer or entrepreneur. Trello is a fresh simple "killer app" that provides scaffolding upon which any project can be organized and integrated with other products. The book emphasizes how your Trello boards can be structured to apply an Agile or Lean Startup philosophy to projects, including examples from real Trello boards addressing a wide variety of real-world problems. This illustrated guide to Trello is short and gets to the point - because you shouldn't need to spend more than an hour reading something to master Trello.

Some of the more advanced topics covered include decoding Trello's API, time tracking with Trello, exporting your board as a GANTT chart, transforming it with calendars, tracking work against strategic goals, customer relationship management (CRM), integrating with Slack, IFTTT, and other hidden features. Trello's API is powerful and complete, and you should be thinking more about how Trello fits into the larger puzzle for your company. Pick up your copy today and stay ahead of the pack.

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