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The Wrong Mr. Right

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Publisher: LeMoyne House (January 7, 2010)


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When first we practice to deceive...

All Morwenna Beaugard wanted was to be able to give gifts to the other business-girls that worked with her at Frith Chambers without giving away her shameful secret: she was not as poor as they were but was a lady of private means!

So when she invents a beau for herself, a Mr. Paul Wright, and pretends that the gifts she dispenses like Lady Bountiful are from him, she never realizes what a tangled web will result, and how, worst of all, she may end up with...

The Wrong Mr. Right.

Praise for Berta Ruck:

"One can always depend on finding an interesting plot, strongly tinged with originality, in any novel by this author."
– The New York Times, April 23, 1922

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