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The History of the Standard Oil Company (Vol. 1, Illustrated)

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Ida Tarbell's masterly work of investigative journalism leaves the reader longing for a principled, hard-working, thorough and hard-working reporter such as Ida Tarbell and her fellow idealists at McClure's Magazine at the turn of the 20th Century. She and her colleagues came to President Roosevelt's attention, at first with doubt, but later with appreciation. His actions helped to bring about remarkable and desperately needed changes. This book should be required reading in any journalism course today. "Muckrakers" was the name that Theodore Roosevelt gave journalists of the early part of the 20th century who exposed abuses in American business and government. Ida Tarbell, one of the original muckrakers, was able to help shut down the Standard Oil Company monopoly that had hampered her father's efforts in the oil industry in Pennsylvania. Standard Oil founder John D. Rockefeller, irked by her stinging éxpose, dubbed her "Miss Tarbarrel." The History of the Standard Oil Company is listed number five among the top 100 works of twentieth-century American journalism by the New York Times in 1999. This muckraking classic, which eventually led to effective regulation of the Standard Oil Company, was the inaugural work for crusading journalists whose mission was to expose corruption in politics and the abuses of big business during the early twentieth century. The history combined descriptions of John D. Rockefeller's business practices with his personal characteristics, creating an image of a cunning and ruthless person--a picture that not even decades of Rockefeller philanthropy were able to dispel.

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