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The Fight for Maglev

James Jordan

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The Fight for Maglev tells how Maglev, the first new transport mode since the airplane, will soon transform transportation in America and the World. 300 mph magnetically levitated and propelled vehicles have no engine, do not burn oil, do not emit pollutants and greenhouse gases, and are very quiet and comfortable. They carry passengers, personal autos, highway trucks, and freight without weather or congestion delays, at much lower cost than driving or flying, saving every American $1000 dollars per year. The book tells how the authors, James Powell and Gordon Danby, invented Maglev in 1966 and why the US failed to develop it. Their 1st generation Maglev now operates in Japan. The authors describe how their new, more capable 2nd generation Maglev system, built as a 29,000 mile National Maglev network, will provide millions of new manufacturing jobs and billions of dollars in exports, while greatly reducing highway deaths and injuries and oil imports, if the U.S. acts to implement it. Otherwise another country will become the World leader in Maglev. For Science and Technology Readers: The authors describe the catastrophic global warming “tipping points” that threaten human survival and suggest large-scale experiments that will predict when these tipping points will occur. The authors show how humanity can avoid becoming part of the ongoing 6th extinction if we implement Maglev in place of our present fossil fueled transport path. For Public Policy Readers: James Jordan, with over 30 years’ experience on Capitol Hill narrates the Inside Story of why the Congress and the Executive Branch have ignored this technology and not made the modest investment to develop and demonstrate the American invented 2nd generation superconducting Maglev technology the way that the German and Japanese governments did with 1st generation Maglev transport systems. Congress can overcome the special interests who lobby to kill Maglev technology if it hears a thoughtful and solid protest from the American people. Thus this book. Don’t miss this story, America’s economic, environmental, and energy future and the quality of life of every American is at stake.

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