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Anne Billson

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'Everywhere you looked, there would be women dressed in black - white faces, black hair, mouths painted scarlet. It was The Look. You saw it on the street. You saw it on the covers of magazines. You saw it presenting arts programmes on TV.

And some of us saw it in our nightmares…'

Anne Billson's debut novel, described by Christopher Fowler in Time Out as 'dark, sharp, chic and very funny', is set at the end of the 'greed is good' era, and features a gothic love triangle between a man, a woman and the 300-year-old vampire they chopped into pieces a decade earlier.

But now she's back, and this time she's building a bloodsucking empire...

'Billson honours the rules of the genre, then proceeds to have fun with them... Dark, sharp, chic and very funny' (Christopher Fowler - Time Out)

'A superb satirist' (Salman Rushdie)

'Merits a post position on everybody's reading list, even those who don't usually like vampire stories. It isn't splatter fiction; it's an honest piece of literature' (Michael Wood - London Review of Books)

'Enchanting and ominous at the same time: a rare and impressive piece of literary juggling' (Jonathan Carroll)

'A distinctive, original and refreshing debut' (Kim Newman - Starburst)

'A black and bloody celebration of wit, womanhood and slapstick, beautifully sustained to a thoroughly satisfying climax' (Chris Gilmore - Interzone)

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