Download Sousa S Famous Marches 1 St 2 Nd Trombones Bass Clef

Sousa's Famous Marches: 1st & 2nd Trombones (Bass Clef)

Format: Sheet music


Pages: 14

Publisher: John Church Company (1949)

ISBN: B01G0P004Y

Format: PDF / Kindle / ePub

Size: 8.3 MB

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Contents: The Stars and Stripes Forever -- The Liberty Bell -- High School Cadets -- El Capitan -- King Cotton -- The Washington Post -- The Thunderer -- Fairest of the Fair -- Semper fidelis -- The Invincible Eagle -- Manhattan Beach -- Hands Across the Sea. American composer and bandmaster John Philip Sousa (1854-1932) grew up studying singing and a wide range of instruments, became a competent violinist, and played mostly in theatre orchestras as a young man. Appointed director of the U.S. Marine Band in 1880, he resigned that post in 1892 to form a band of his own. Sousa's Band successfully toured the United States and Europe over the next four decades, also making a world tour. Sousa's creed as a conductor was to entertain his audience while educating them. His program mixed popular favorites with excerpts from the classics, often featuring virtuoso solos by band members. Through its concert appearances and its many recordings, Sousa's Band introduced polished ensemble music-making to an unusually wide audience. Although he composed many stage works and songs, Sousa is best known for his marches, which number more than 130 and show his special strengths as a composer: melodic inventiveness, rhythmic vigor, an ear for harmonic surprise, and an understanding of a wind band's sound capabilities. Emphasizing changes of theme, color, texture, dynamics, and even key, they are in effect miniatures for large ensemble, and their brief time-span is animated by sharp, bold contrasts.

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