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Sothis, Star of Egypt

Mary Byrd-Clarke

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Language: English

Pages: 252

Publisher: Createspace; 2 edition (March 22, 2011)


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Set in 260 B.C., Sothis, Star of Egypt, tells the story of Meru, a gifted young
novice at the Temple of Isis in Alexandria, Egypt.
Through her extraordinary psychic powers, Meru discovers a lost connection to
Sothis (Sirius) and a Cosmic Council trying to communicate with the people of Earth. With the help of the Cosmic Council she will attempt to recover the long lost records of Atlantis.
Although Meru is a dedicated Virgin Priestess, she soon finds herself deeply involved with a young priest. In acknowledging their love for each other, they ultimately must make some difficult choices.
Sothis, Star of Egypt, is a mystical fiction that follows true metaphysical principles, as well as mythological and historical facts.
Author Mary Byrd-Clarke is a natural sensitive who has experienced an array of visionary and paranormal events, leading her to remember and explore several past lives. A student of metaphysics for over thirty years, she has explored and studied many related subjects. Through her studies, including the Edgar Cayce readings, Astrology, Past-life Regression, Cabala, Dream Interpretation, Divination, and Mediumship, Ms. Byrd-Clarke understands that
initiations can come through direct experience, visions, dreams and books.
It is, in that regard, her purpose to bring her readers to new levels of remembrance of their own inner knowledge and past-lives.

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