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Brian Callison

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Bill Walker is a veteran Royal Military Police staff sergeant: something of a legend within the Corps, albeit a tarnished one. But Walker carries a dual burden. The first is to maintain his hard-as-nails Redcap image; difficult enough considering he's a reluctant hero by instinct. The second, even more dispiritingly, is that his commanding officer has sworn to kill him. Worse: that with the system on his side, Major Steadman holds all the cards - particularly so when further advantaged by being a murderous psychopath who's already committed one of the most dreadful of crimes: an act that only Walker knows of but has no hard evidence to bring his CO to book. But then, following a terrorist attack, a further atrocity takes place - and this time Staff Sergeant Walker RMP can't turn a blind eye …

Ambush, torture, conscripts and courts martial, prisoners falling down guardroom stairs where there aren't any, the pursuit of armed fugitives from military justice, sudden deaths in coach accidents and brothels, murder of the innocent and not-so innocent … inexorably Staff Walker finds himself becoming a marked man in deep turmoil.

Set initially against the violent backdrop of the 1957 Cypriot EOKA emergency, the drama moves to Germany and the British Army of the Rhine a decade later, where Walker discovers a ten year old spectre returning to haunt him. And to silence him once and for all.

Some of the most dramatic and powerful writing in the long history of war fiction. AMAZON BOOKS.

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