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Laws of Infrastructure Development in India

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Indian Infrastructure Sectors including Airports, Roadways, Telecom Sector, Electricity Sector, Ports, SEZs, Natural Gas Sector, etc., had developed a lot in the last 15 years after liberalization took place considering the developments all across the world. A lot of development projects in these sectors are taking place through public -private partnerships. The law relating to development of infrastructure sectors require a new look considering the requirements of regulators in the respective sectors. The regulators are required to balance the strategic dimension of the sectors and also the capital requirement which can lead to development of the sectors. Thus the objectives set out for the readers of the book include, o Creating an insight on development of infrastructure. o Discussing the laws of infrastructure development. o Discussing the control of the regulatory bodies over the development of relevant sectors. Volume 1 deals specifically on balancing the rights of rural persons with development deals relating to Special Economic Zones, issues relating to Land acquisition, rehabilitation and resettlement, etc. There is examination of socio-economic condition and regulatory law of Natural Gas Sector, Telecom Sector, Power Sector, Roadways sector and independence of Airport Economic Regulatory Authority of India.

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