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iLean - 21st Century Lean - Chapter 7: Productivity

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The iLean Series is the various chapters segmented from the iLean - 21st Century Lean – Today’s Improvement Methodologies for Increasing Office Productivity book. We believe in today’s work environment, customers may at times just need a certain portion (i.e., chapter) of information to help with a business issue or problem and not an entire book. Therefore, we are providing the iLean book in various chapters Just-In-Time. With that being said, we believe that there is tremendous value in obtaining the entire book to further provide a broad range of examples for learning how to apply Lean regarding data and information flow. Each of the main chapters (3 - 8) has a detailed case study at the end.

The following are the various options for obtaining the information in the iLean book.
iLean - 21st Century Lean – Today’s Improvement Methodologies for Increasing Office Productivity FULL BOOK
iLean - 21st Century Lean - Chapter 1: Overview of Lean and Chapter 2: Electronic Waste
iLean - 21st Century Lean - Chapter 3: 5S - File and Folder Organization
iLean - 21st Century Lean - Chapter 4: Data Collection and Presentation
iLean - 21st Century Lean - Chapter 5: Problem Solving and Data Organization
iLean - 21st Century Lean - Chapter 6: Workflow and Quality
iLean - 21st Century Lean - Chapter 7: Productivity
iLean - 21st Century Lean - Chapter 8: Desktop Kaizen
iLean - 21st Century Lean - Chapter 9: Today’s Workforce
iLean - 21st Century Lean - Appendix: Lean Desktop Application Assessment and Advanced Case Studies

This part of the series, Chapter 7: Productivity includes the following tools and concepts:

1. Pitch - Using Excel to create a worksheet that denotes a time element that allows for a consistent and smooth flow of work throughout a value stream
2. Leveling - Using Excel and the Embedded IF Statement to denote the scheduling of work by different value streams (by volume and variety)
3. Employee Balance Chart - Using the Chart function in Excel to graphically display and analyze work requirements
4. Performance Dashboard - Using Excel to create real-time performance measurements
5. Standard Work - Using Outlook to create standardized email templates to reduce the need to repeat the same information over and over again in your outgoing emails and using Excel to create a standard tool to quickly analyze process (activity) data

People in today’s workforce are challenged with integrating their current ways of doing business from working with paper-based type documents of orders, faxes, and reports to a more paperless method of emails, electronic documents, text messages, and other database management system information files. Microsoft Office, one of the most powerful and widely used business applications in the world, is commonly used for analyzing and formatting this “data” into useful information. This integration of the old paper-based way to a new paperless or electronic way will continue to be a challenge for everyone at all levels of the organization. Over the past few years we have been fortunate to work with people and organizations that have successfully met this challenge and were willing to share their successes in this book.

iLean’s content will provide actual case studies, application examples, and working macros that have proven successful in improving information flow in all types of environments.

iLean is meant to assist managers and supervisors to more fully understand the benefits of Lean and how it can provide insightful solutions to day-to-day business issues, as well as serve as an improvement guide for the front-line worker when dealing with data and information flow. This is a must for doing business in the 21st century!

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