Reign in the British

I watched the first two episodes of #Reign on the CW. I feel very uncomfortable admitting this, because I never considered myself a fan of CW programming other than watching Supernatural. Now I find myself watching not just Supernatural and most recently Reign, but also Hart of Dixie, Arrow, and The Tomorrow People. Now I’m one of those people, you know, CW watchers. I tried watching The Vampire Diaries, but it wasn’t until midway through that first episode I realized they weren’t mocking themselves, they were taking this seriously and I was expected to as well. I couldn’t, so I in essence, cancelled the show.

Reign is in a very tricky place for me. It’s an entertaining piece of period drama, centering around Mary, Queen of Scots when she was 15. It’s a somewhat overcomplicated storyline involving three countries, an endless parade of moderately attractive characters, contemporary indie pop music and every character speaking in British accents. This is where things sort of fall apart for me. Scottish characters should be speaking with a Scottish accent; French characters with a French accent; English characters with a British accent. I hate that the British accent has become the de facto accent for period dramas. I want to hear a good Scottish brogue coming from Mary. WHY ISN’T THIS HAPPENING!?

I feel this is essentially the CW whitewashing the Scottish and French culture. Flagrantly stripping an extremely important part of their heritage for the entertainment of the masses. It’s disgusting, and I’m either absolutely right in my assessment or I’m stirring up trouble. Regardless of their despicable behavior, I enjoyed the show and have set up a Season Pass on my TiVo. I reserve the right to revisit my outrage at a later date.